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Gone are the days of not knowing how to acquire leads without spending a ton of money on traffic. With Maître in your corner, you can pick any niche you like and have hot leads coming out the wazoo.

Sounds Good? Just Watch What Happens
When The Safety Comes Off

OK, look – for some people, what you’ve just purchased will be about enough.

And if you’re not aiming to generate as many leads, it’ll probably be all you need.

But if you’d like to go ever further…

If you’re not looking to just get a few thousand leads, but are out to DOMINATE your niche, not just now but long into the future, then you should read the next section VERY carefully…

Because it’s going to reveal not only how to find all the new leads you’ll ever need, but how to turbocharge your campaign into the Most Powerful Sales Generating System you’ve ever created!

You Now Have a Chance to Unlock the Best Kept Secret
Of Advanced Marketers...

Whoa? Sales Magnets? What’re you Talking About?

Allow me to explain.

We at Maître always aim to innovate and stay ahead of the curve, during one of our regular brainstorming sessions - we were curious about how we could Boost Sales For users who ran lead generation campaigns to sell their products.

We learnt more about this particular strategy that usually ONLY advanced marketers do, and newbies rarely find out about.

If you want hit the big time then you need more than just traffic, you need SALES.

The best way to do that is through viral sales magnets.


Because viral sales magnets don’t just bring viral traffic, they help convert it into viral sales.


One word. BARGAIN.

Let’s Be Honest - Who Doesn’t Love a Good Bargain?

Companies often discount their products and services to increase sales.

The advantage of this approach is that it attracts attention – and has the potential to get prospects that ordinarily would not buy to try out your goods and services.

"The Viral Sales Magnets Feature Allows You To Send Coupon Codes
Based On How Many People They Refer!"

See Below to Learn How it Works...

What this Feature allows you to do is to simply add multiple milestones, set how many referrals are needed to unlock each milestone and the discount obtained for reaching each milestone. (eg: invite 3 friends, get 20% discount, invite 10 friends get 50% discount)

Why Is This Powerful?

People are incentivised to invite their friends to get higher discounts…

...more people they invite - more discounts they get…

...So they’re naturally MORE Motivated to do the work and invite others…

...which will ultimately get More Free traffic, leads and sales on your website!

Here’s Exactly How Much Damage a Viral Sales Magnet
has caused to the list size...


And we’ve made it so simple a child could use it…

You don’t need to be an expert to get expert results.

In order to set up a Viral Sales Magnet, there are only 3 main steps involved!

They are as follows:

Step 1

Generate Unique Coupon Codes For the Different Amounts of Discounts You are giving away...

Step 2

Choose how many referrals are needed to unlock their discounts.

Step 3

Hit Go!

Then sit back and relax while your new viral sales magnet gets to work.

There’s more to the Maître PRO Version than the
Viral Sales Magnets Feature…

We’ve released the handbrakes, turned off the safety switches and pushed all the dials up to 11 to make sure Maître PRO the biggest, baddest referral marketing program around…

When you upgrade, you’ll also get:

Email Automation Tools

Maître Pro lets you send automated reward emails to your users every time they reach a certain milestone. This is a great way to keep your subscribers engaged, while building YOUR BRAND for you.

Autoresponder Email

With Maître Pro, you’ll now be able to send an automated thank you email & an additional followup email to your leads with their referral link once they sign up. This is the BEST way to make sure the conversation between you and your subscriber doesn’t die out.

Extra Social Icons

With the Maître PRO Version - visitors will now be able to share their referral link on the following platforms - LinkedIn, FB Messenger, Reddit, Line and Wechat (in addition to FB,Twitter,Email & Whatsapp) as all these extra social icons will get unlocked and show up in the campaigns you create. More accounts your visitors share their referral link to - higher the amount of traffic you receive!

Geo Targeting

Identify from which countries people are signing up & promote relevant geo-targeted offers to them!

With Maître Pro creating complex (but super profitable)
ambassador programs is a breeze…

Web Hooks

Want to make your own web/mobile application go viral? With Maître PRO, Webhooks are used to send events from Maître to your server which allows your app’s users to spread the word more effectively.

Tracking Pixel

Maître Tracking Pixel is a small snippet of code that allows you to track referral conversions on your website, so that you can reward people who refer friends which complete a certain action (eg: a purchase, a download, etc).

In order to understand how the Maître Tracking Pixel works let's walk through it step-by-step:

With Maître Tracking Pixel you can create very sophisticated Ambassador programs like:
  • give 50% discount to a person who refers 3 friends who sign up to the PRO plan
  • give free ticket to a person who refers 5 friends who purchase the ticket
  • give free access to a person who refers 10 friends who download the app
  • any ambassador program
PLUS…Publish Up to 20 EXTRA Campaigns!

When you get the Maître PRO Version - you’ll now be able to set up 20 extra campaigns!

So how much does it cost to Super-Charge your list building strategy?

That’s a good question…

Sure, with the PRO Version - you’d be able to double/triple or even quadruple the amount of traffic to your website which would directly impact the revenue that you’d generate...

… and you’re getting all the features necessary to keep your subscribers active and engaged to make sure they are motivated to refer the maximum amount of people.

But even without taking those into account…

The BIGGER Question is How Valuable Would a
Few Extra Thousand Leads Be For Your Business?

If you could generate an extra 1000-10,000 Leads from using all the features available on the Maître PRO Version - what kind of a value would you put on that?

To sleep comfortably every night knowing that no matter what you’ll always have access to the best referral marketing platform available…

… and the engine capable of getting you leads on autopilot while driving floods of traffic to any (and every) website you want to see blow up.

You probably can assign a value to the few extra thousand leads that you will be generating - but you certainly can’t put a price on peace of mind like that…

So I won’t try…

But what I will do is offer you a unique opportunity to upgrade to the Maître PRO Version for the much reduced price of just $297…

And all you have to do is click on the button below.

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Don’t Risk Paying Upto $197/Month For The Most
Advanced Referral Marketing Tech The Internet
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$297 One-Time is the best price it’ll ever be.

The Viral Sales Magnet ALONE is easily worth the $297, but along with it...

You’re getting The Tracking Pixel that let’s you create advanced referral marketing campaigns which have never been possible to build before.

You’re getting Email Automation Tools and The Autoresponder Email to help you keep your subscribers engaged and motivated to keep sharing their referral links.

You’re being able to Unlock EXTRA Social Icons - LinkedIn, FB Messenger, Reddit, Line and Wechat (in addition to FB,Twitter,Email & Whatsapp) which will do nothing but multiply the amount of leads you’ll be getting.

You’re getting the Geo Targeting Feature which lets you identify from which countries people are signing up & promote relevant geo-targeted offers to them!

You’re being able to Unlock Webhooks which will help to make any web application/mobile application go viral.

You’re also being able to create an extra set of 20 new campaigns which you can use for additional firepower.

All for Just $297.

And Remember…

Every advanced feature come with full training and support to help you get advanced results even if you’ve never even heard of a pixel or a “webhook”.

Maître Pro makes you a pro too.

But you must act fast.

This is the only chance to get the Viral Sales Magnet + All the Additional Features at such a low price as we plan to change the price of the PRO Version to a $197/Month Subscription very soon.

So Make Sure you take action before the clock runs out!

All the best,

Upgrade To the Maître Pro Version
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