Carey Baird​

Abhi Dwivedi

I’ve worked with Aravindh for quiet some times now and he’s a committed business person. I’ve promoted his launches in past and they’ve always converted really well for me, with positive feedback about the products and support from my customers. He’s consistently promoted our products in past and has always done really well. If you get a chance to work with him, I would highly recommend.

Neil Napier

Aravindh has been the driving force behind MANY launches, and the cool part is, everytime I've mailed, we've seen a good RoI. And his products are well supported too, so I can confidentally recommend anyone to promote when he launches something.

Joe Di Seana

Working with Aravindh is and was an amazing experience. In 2 single promotions made over 5k and my EPC was EPIC. He always put on the market insane value and new technology that always change the game and the way of doing marketing in 2017 and beyond.

Gaurav Madaan

It's been always a pleasure promoting Aravind's products.. We have experienced very high EPC's and good conversion rates. The best part is the quality of products is always top notch with an unbeatable support. Cheers.

Mark Thompson

We’ve had the pleasure of promoting many of Aravindh launches and he continues to deliver! Great products, high converting funnels and great customer support after the sale makes a win-win situation for everyone. Happy to continue our support and wish Aravindh and his team much success!

Karthik Ramani

His products are unique and his launches always converts well.

Brad Stephens

Working with Aravindh on 3 launches was a great experience. Not only did he help me launch 3 of my products, he played a major role in teaching me all the different aspects of launching products. He definitely knows what he is doing when it comes to achieving high conversions on all his launches. His track record speaks for itself. I'd definitely recommend supporting his launches.