Hey It's Arvi!(Aravindh Sridhar)

My name is Aravindh and in short you can call me Arvi. In 2011, I decided to quit university when I was 19 to start my first software company. That decision took me across the globe, connected me with amazing and not-so amazing people from every walk of life and helped me achieve financial independence - which is what I have always dreamt of since I was a child.

My Mom was murdered in a train robbery when I was 2 Years old. I had a horrible Childhood, the family that I was born into was...let's say not good. In order to escape from it - I worked my butt off, sacrificed a ton of things to get to where I am today.

I've won, lost, done the right things, made mistakes, friends, enemies and pretty much have experienced the best and worst life threw at me. I'm now at a stage where I have decided to sincerely put in all my efforts into things that matter the most which I want to make sure they become a reality.

Things I'm Good At:

Selling, Creating Products (Information Products and Software), Creating Marketing Funnels, Being Empathetic, Mind Reading, Psychology, Copywriting, Being Persistent, Going after what I want, Negotiating, Trading Cryptocurrencies, Paying Attention to Detail, Maths, Being Socially Intelligent, Debating with common sense, Delivering well timed retorts, apologizing when I'm wrong and watching Netflix.

Favourite Music:

EDM, Binural Beats, A.R.Rahman.

Words to Describe My Character:

Genuine, Strong, Kind but not weak, Confident, Paying and Expecting Mutual Respect, Not Caring about what people think much as long as I am fully aware there isn't any mistake on my end, Humorous, Witty.

Philanthropic Goals:

Since when I was young, I was bullied and criticised upon for being financially dependent on my grandfather. I definitely know how it feels to not have basic amenities like food, water, education and shelter as a child. I would like to provide these 4 basic amenities to 100 children who don't have these resources by 31st of July 2019.

Lets Connect :